Posted by: danielfee | November 21, 2012

Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration 11-21-2012

The initial reason I started my blog was so that I could have an outlet for writing on political and economic topics. But these topics make for lousy photos. But another passion is traveling the world and taking photos, so adding a travel photo of the day became a big part of my blog. When choosing travel destinations we look for those must see places and sights, distant locations that others might not choose, and for me I always look for an adventure outing that I can incorporate into the trip. This is a series of photos from my various adventures around the world.

Kissing a Stingray – Grand Cayman

Hiking on the Great Wall – China

Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge (at night) – Australia

Hiking in Zion National Park – Utah

Whitewater Rafting – Chile

Flying co-pilot on float plane – Alaska

It is a good thing nothing happened to the pilot because I really don’t know how to fly. But the view was fantastic.

Hiking in Death Valley National Park – California

Getting close to the wildlife – Galapagos Islands

Climbing on ancient Greek Ruins – Sicily

Blackwater Rafting – New Zealand

Hiking in Cradle Mountain National Park – Tasmania

Biking in Mexico

Hiking in Crater Lake National Park – Oregon

And last but not least my biggest adventure trip was a five-day hike on the Inca trails to Machu Picchu.

Hiking the Inca trails – Peru

Making it to the top of the pass – Peru

Making it to a 15,253 foot pass, without passing out, is not bad for a guy who lives at sea level.

Exploring Machu Picchu – Peru

And of course sampling the local beer at every place we visit is very inspiring. But at the end of a long hike it really tastes good!

A nice cold beer after a long hike


















  1. These are fabulous!! Love it! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and I think the last one is my favorite!

    • Thanks, that is why I saved it for last. I could have done a whole series on inspiring beer photos since we take a photo of our first beer on every trip.
      I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving.

      • I love it! Just like my dad! I’m the same way with wine. I love those photos as they truly depict a happy life!

  2. Thanks for all the photos and Happy Thanksgiving.

    • You too, Happy Thanksgiving. My cousin posted on her Facebook page today that she was thankful she would never have to say the words “President Romney”. I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

      • I’m thankful to see them right where they belong — Obama in the White House and Mitt at Disneyland.

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