Posted by: danielfee | July 11, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic 07-11-14

In late primitive cultures, wars and disputes between tribes and clans occurred frequently. When a settlement was negotiated an important part of the ceremony was to drink wine and work out the details of the treaty alliance. The joint jar was used by the two tribal leaders in order to avoid suspicion. This joint jar was discovered at the Banpo Neolithic Village site located just east of the city of Xi’an in the Yellow River Valley of China. The archaeological site was discovered and excavated in 1953 and shows a typical village from the Banpo period (4800-3600 B.C.) of the neolithic and matriarchal Yangshao culture that lasted from around 5000-2800 B.C. The remains from the village including circular hut foundations, pottery, tools, and skeletons are on display in both the archaeological site and the museum.

Pottery at Banpo Museum

Joint Jar at Banpo Museum


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