Posted by: danielfee | May 18, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art 05-18-14

Le Pantheon in Paris is an architectural work of art. Inside it houses many other works of art, and in the crypts below you will find the tombs of Rousseau, Voltaire, Pierre & Marie Curie, and Victor Hugo to name a few.  It was originally built as a church dedicated to St. Genevieve. King Louis XV vowed in 1744 that if he recovered from his illness he would replace the ruined church of the Abbey of St Genevieve with an edifice worthy of the patron saint of Paris. The architectural style is an early example of neoclassicism with its facade modeled on the Pantheon in Rome, which was built in the 1st century. Below are some photos of the exterior and interior works of art.

Le Pantheon, Paris

Le Pantheon, Paris

DAY 3 0003


DAY 3 0017

DAY 3 0027

DAY 3 0031


DAY 3 0035


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