Posted by: danielfee | April 20, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top #2 04-20-2014

The second most famous structure in Australia, the Opera House being the first, has to be the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The bridge was completed in 1932 as the world was suffering an economic depression. The arch spans 1650 feet connecting the residential areas on the north side of the harbour with downtown Sydney on the south. The deck sits 194 feet above sea level and the height of the arch is 440 feet. If you have time, and are not afraid of heights, a fun thing to do is the bridge climb. After a short briefing and putting on the gray unitard that goes over your clothes so that you won’t snag on anything, off we went on our way to the top. It starts off on a catwalk that is under the bridge. As you reach the beginning you hook your safety harness to the cable that you will be tethered to for the rest of your climb. Once you reach the base of the arch you will climb the ladders that go through the travel deck level and get you to the lower end on top of the arch. From there you climb the span to the very top of the arch and then cross over to the middle where you can look down at the cars passing under you 440 feet below. Of course you must have your picture taken at the top.

Sydney Harbor Bridge - Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbor Bridge – Sydney, Australia


Me at the Top of the Bridge

Me at the Top of the Bridge


  1. Great post! Sydney, Australia on my bucket list! 🙂

  2. Love it! I climbed the bridge when I went to visit and it was so awesome. Nice shot.

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