Posted by: danielfee | April 2, 2014

Weekly Travel Theme: Statue #2 04-02-14


Lion Monument - Lucerne, Switzerland

Lion Monument – Lucerne, Switzerland

The “Lion of Luzern” was sculpted in the early 19th century and was dedicated to the memory of the heroic fight and final defeat of the Swiss Guards in Paris in 1792. It was August 10th of that year that marked the bloody beginning of the French revolution with the storming of the royal palace. Louis XIV had ordered the regiment of Swiss Guards to lay down its arms and as a result they were literally torn to pieces by the murderous mob. The lion, which is a symbol of courage and strength, was chosen by the artist to demonstrate the tragic event of a fight to the death. With its heart pierced by a lance, the lion still holds its protecting paw over the shield with the lily coat of arms, the emblem of the Bourbon kings.



  1. Such a soulful expression on that animal’s face, too.

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