Posted by: danielfee | September 1, 2013

Weekly Travel Theme: Distance 09-01-2013

Jade and Mariah in the distance

Jade and Mariah in the distance

See those two specs in the distance? Those are our long distance friends Jade and Mariah at the bottom of one of the dormant calderons at Mt Etna in Sicily. We met them on a 3-week trip in Italy and Sicily in 2006. They are a mother and daughter from Calgary, Alberta, hence the long distance since we live in Florida. We hit it off at the beginning of the trip. Jade and I both happen to be engineers, and it turned out that we both had several extra days in Rome after the end of the organized tour. We also found that we had other shared interests, like hiking and drinking beer. So over the years we have stayed in touch, keeping the long distance friendship going. We have traveled to Canada and gone hiking in Banff National Park and whitewater rafting down the Kicking Horse River (it took some coaxing and drinking the night before to talk them into this one). They have come to Florida and we have gone snorkeling in the Florida Keys and on airboat rides in the Everglades. We have even met up in Zion National Park to do some winter hiking there and then headed down to Las Vegas to bring in the new year. Meeting people from other countries and making new long distance friends is one of the great things about traveling.


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