Posted by: danielfee | July 10, 2013

Travel Photo of the Day 07-10-2013

The Admiralty - St. Petersburg, Russia

The Admiralty – St. Petersburg, Russia


Admiralty Central Arch


Along the waterfront of the Neva River, adjacent to the Palace Square, is the gleaming spire of the Admiralty building. The Admiralty’s origins date to 1707 when Peter the Great ordered the construction of a fortified shipyard where a mighty Russian fleet was to be built. The original fortress was replaced with the current neo-classical building in the 1820s. Shortly after it was completed, the shipbuilding activity was moved elsewhere and the Admiralty became the Navy’s administrative headquarters. The central arch is crowned by a statue of Victory with flags. In the center bass relief, entitled Virgin of the Russian Fleet, Peter the Great accepts Neptune’s trident as a symbol of supremacy on the high seas. The corners of the rectangular tower are topped with sculptures of the great military leaders of antiquity: Achilles, Ajax, Pyrrhus and Alexander the Great.



  1. The buildings look so beautiful and interesting!
    I can easily spend an afternoon here.

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