Posted by: danielfee | May 5, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above – Tasmania 05-05-2013

For this weeks photo challenge “from above”, I have so many great photos, I decided to make it a running theme for the entire week. Here are a few “from above” shots from the down under, Tasmania.

Marions Lookout - Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Marion’s Lookout – Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Dove Lake from half way up Cradle Mountin

Dove Lake from halfway up Cradle Mountain

Dove Lake and Lake Wilks from the face of Cradle Mountain

Dove Lake and Lake Wilks from the face of Cradle Mountain

Waterfall in Cataract Gorge - Launceston, Tasmania

Waterfall in Cataract Gorge – Launceston, Tasmania

Kings Bridge, Paterson Bridge and Tamar River from the top of Cataract Gorge

Kings Bridge, Paterson Bridge and Tamar River from the top of Cataract Gorge


Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park is a World Heritage site located in western Tasmania. The 1262 sq-km park is Tasmania’s best known National Park and The Overland Track is one of the world’s great treks. The Track runs 50 miles (80.5 km) from Lake St. Clair to Dove Lake and can be walked in either direction. One of the best views along the Overland Track is found at Marion’s Lookout. The top photo is of two fellow hikers as they take in the fantastic view.

The second photo is of Dove Lake from the halfway point up to the face of Cradle Mountain. I started my hike at the far end of Dove Lake. When I reached the south end of the lake there was a small trail heading up to the Face Track. The sign at the base said it was steep and difficult but it didn’t look so bad, at the beginning. It started off with steps, then turned into a steep path but the tree roots were almost like steps. About two-thirds of the way up it turned into rock onto which metal posts and heavy chains had been installed, which you can see in this photo, to use as a handrail for the rock climbing portion. They were right; it was steep and difficult.

But the view in the third photo was the reward. In the foreground is the small Lake Wilks and behind it is a view of Dove Lake taken from the Face Track along Cradle Mountain.

The fourth photo is of a waterfall in Cataract Gorge which is created by a small dam that allows the First Basin to discharge into the South Esk River.

One of the main attractions in Launceston, Tasmania’s second largest city, is the gorgeous Cataract Gorge. It is just a 10 minute walk to the west of the city center and you will find two walking tracks, one either side of the gorge. The track along the northern side is an easy, heavily traveled trail that leads back to the First Basin where you will find a swimming pool, picnic grounds and an a’ la carte restaurant. This is also the trailhead for the trails leading up to the Cataract and Eagle Eyrie Lookouts.

The Zig Zag Track on the south side of the gorge has some steep climbs as it passes along the cliff tops, but it provides you with some great views of Launceston. In the last photo are the Kings Bridge in the foreground and the Paterson Bridge behind it, both crossing over the Tamar River.






  1. Wow, Thanks for sharing these wonderful views. I had no idea Tasmania is so beautiful

    • It is an often overlooked part of Australia, but it is well worth the visit. We didn’t make it there on our first trip down under so we had to go back. I am glad we did.

  2. These are beautiful shots!
    Thanks for sharing…I enjoyed the views…

  3. These are really beautiful!

    • And pictures can’t do it justice. 🙂

  4. fantastic photos…

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