Posted by: danielfee | April 14, 2013

Travel Photo of the Day 04-14-2013

Glacier Bay - Alaska

Glacier Bay – Alaska

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay


Glacier Bay was first set aside by President Calvin Coolidge in 1925 as a U. S. National Monument under the Antiquities Act. Subsequent to an expansion of the monument by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, the adoption of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act enlarged the national monument by an additional 523,000 acres in 1980 and, in the process, created Glacier Bay National Park. The bay that was discovered by naturalist John Muir in a canoe in 1879 did not exist a century earlier. Eighteenth-century explorers had found a wall of ice a mile thick where Muir found the entrance to a 48 mile long fjord we now call Glacier Bay.  By 1916 the Grand Pacific Glacier was at the head of Tarr Inlet about 65 miles  from Glacier Bay’s mouth. This is the fastest glacier retreat ever documented. The land itself began rising at the rate of 1.5 inches per year as it rebounded from the weight of the now-melted glaciers.


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