Posted by: danielfee | April 11, 2013

Travel Photo of the Day 04-11-2013

Royal Palace - Stockholm, Sweden

Slottsbacken (Palace Hill Esplanade) – Stockholm, Sweden

Royal Palace

Royal Palace



King Gustav III Statue

King Gustav III Statue

Palace Guard

Palace Guard

Stockholm’s historic island core is known as Gamla Stan. The place to start any walking tour of the town center is at the Slottsbacken (the palace hill esplanade). At the head of the esplanade (east) adjacent to the waterfront is the Statue of King Gustav III. At the opposite end is the obelisk at the Cathedral. On the north side of the esplanade is the Royal Palace and on the south side are several museums. Royal Palace is the official residence and major Royal Palace of the Swedish Monarch. The offices of the King, the other members of the Swedish Royal Family, and the offices of the Royal Court of Sweden are located there.

The first building on this site was a fortress with a core tower built in the 13th century. In the late 16th century, much work was done to transform the old fortress into a Renaissance-style palace under King John III. The palace is guarded by the Högvakten, a royal guard of members of the Swedish Armed Forces. The guard dates back to the early 16th century.



  1. He doesn’t look that old!

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