Posted by: danielfee | March 17, 2013

Travel Photo of the Day 03-17-2013

Phantom Ship - Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Phantom Ship – Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Phantom Ship Close up

Phantom Ship Close Up

Phantom Ship is a small island in Crater Lake. It is a natural rock formation pillar which derives its name from its resemblance to a ghost ship, especially in foggy and low-light conditions. The island is about 500 feet long and reaches a maximum width of 200 feet near the east end. Its east-west ridge of spires, towering 170 feet above the water, sharply divides most of the island into two slopes, one very steeply sloping to the south and the other less steeply to the north.

Mount Mazama erupted approximately 7,700 years ago, forming its caldera which is now Crater Lake. Following the cataclysmic caldera-forming eruption, which left a hole about 4,000 feet deep, a series of smaller eruptions over the next several hundred years formed several cinder cones on the caldera floor.  The clear blue water of Crater Lake is due to several unique factors, most prominently that it has no inlets or tributaries, which makes it one of the purest in terms of the absence of pollutants in North America. Secchi disk clarity readings have consistently been in the high 80 to 115 foot range, which is very clear for any natural body of water. In 1997, scientists recorded a record clarity of 142 feet.



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