Posted by: danielfee | March 10, 2013

Travel Photo of the Day 03-10-2013

Louis XIV Statue - Paris

Louis XIV Equestrian Statue – Paris

Louis XIV Statue

Louis XIV Equestrian Statue

The equestrian statue of King Louis XIV standing in the courtyard of the Louvre museum is a copy of the original statue by the renowned Italian artist and sculpture Gian Lorenzo Bernini which  is located at Versailles.  The king had ordered the equestrian statue and his minister told Bernini to make it like his statue of Constantine in the Vatican, but not a copy of it. Bernini’s statue was finished by his students only after his death and by the time it reached the French court, tastes had changed. No one liked Bernini’s exuberance and all the Baroque fuss anymore. The statue was first stored away and then finally given to a French sculptor to update. He turned Louis into the Roman hero Martius Curtius but it wasn’t very successful. Now the dirty old original marble stands in a corner of a garden at Versailles behind a bush. The American architect I.M. Pei, who was in charge of the grand renovation project of the Louvre, persuaded the officials at Versailles to make a copy of this statue which he placed in front of his famous glass pyramid entrance to the Louvre. This copy, cast in lead, is the only sculpture in the plaza/court surrounding the glass pyramid.


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