Posted by: danielfee | March 6, 2013

Travel Photo of the Day 03-06-2013

The Cathedral - St Kitts

The Cathedral – St Kitts


The Basseterre Co-Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is a cathedral located in the city of Basseterre, St. Kitts. In the early stages of the French occupation, a Roman Catholic Church was erected in the town by the Jesuits and dedicated to Our Lady. Notre Dame was burnt to the ground in 1706 during the Anglo-French War by English soldiers who were billeted there. The Church was rebuilt by 1710 and renamed St. George’s. From the 1720s, it became a place of worship for the Anglicans. After a steady influx of Portuguese migrants from the island of Madeira starting in 1835, it led to the growth of the Roman Catholic community. A new church was built in or about 1856 and it was called the Church of the Immaculate Conception. In 1927 it was demolished and replaced by a modern edifice on the same site on East Square Street at Independence Square.


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