Posted by: danielfee | March 5, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details #2 03-05-2013

Poppy Field in Tasmania

Opium Poppy Field in Tasmania

Poppy Flowers

Poppy Flowers

Here is a second entry for this weeks photo challenge. The beauty of the individual poppy flowers get lost in the overall beauty of  a mature field of flowering poppy plants. Tasmania is well known for  its wine making industry, but less known is its opium poppy industry.It is legal to grow opium poppy but the government of Tasmania tightly controls the industry. Since starting in 1970, the industry has grown to around 1,200 commercial opium growers. Tasmania now supplies 40% of the international opium poppy market. This field located near Devonport is just one of the 200 sq km that is harvested every year. Tasmania is the only place in the southern hemisphere where farming opium poppy is legal.




  1. I didn’t know they grew it there. The fields are lovely.

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