Posted by: danielfee | March 2, 2013

Weekly Travel Theme: Roads 03-02-2013

Road to Savoca - Italy

Road to Savoca – Sicily

Ancient Roads of Pompeii

Ancient Roads of Pompeii

Narrow Roads of Assisi

Narrow Roads of Assisi

Road in Sorrento

Road in Sorrento, Italy

As the old saying goes, “all roads lead to Rome.” For this weeks theme I have picked a few photos of Italian roads.

The first photo is of the winding road to the little town of Savoca in northeastern Sicily. This is the town where The Godfather was filmed when Michael was hiding out in Sicily. The little town church is where Michael and Apollonia were married. It is a beautiful location and you can understand why they chose it for the film. But it couldn’t have been much fun getting all of the equipment up this winding road to the village.

The second photo is of the ancient roads in Pompeii.  The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD buried the city of Pompeii under the ash from the volcano. Because it was suddenly immersed in pumice stone and ash, it preserved the city for centuries. It was rediscovered in the 16th century during a land reclamation operation. During years of subsequent excavations, archeologists were able to establish a detailed picture of life as it existed in a 1st-century Roman city. It was a city of shops, markets and comfortable townhouses with paved streets, a stadium, theaters, temples and even brothels.

The third photo is typical of the narrow streets found in Assisi, a town in the Umbria region of central Italy. It was the birthplace of St. Francis, who founded the Franciscan religious order in the town in 1208. It is also the birth place of St. Clare, the founder of the Poor Sisters, which later became the Order of Poor Clares after her death. Around 1000 BC a wave of immigrants settled in the upper Tiber valley in the neighborhood of Assisi. These were the Umbians, living in small fortified settlements on high ground. The Romans took control of central Italy in 295 BC. They built the flourishing municipium Asisium on a series of terraces on Mt. Subasio.

The fourth photo is of a narrow road carved through the mountain in Sorrento, which is a small town of 16,500 in southern Italy. The town overlooks the Bay of Naples and is at the tip of the Sorrentine Peninsula. It has many great viewpoints where you can see Naples, Mt. Vesuvius and the Isle of Capri. This view is from Piazza Tasso which is a central place and square in Sorrento.






  1. Beautiful, gosh isn’t Pompeii amazing? 🙂

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