Posted by: danielfee | February 28, 2013

Travel Photo of the Day 02-28-2013

St. Germain L'Auxerois - Paris, France

St. Germain L’Auxerois – Paris, France

Stained Glass - St. Germain L'Auxerois

Stained Glass – St. Germain L’Auxerois

The St. Germain L’Auxerois church is located across the street from the east end of the Louvre. It was the royal parish for the Valois kings while they resided in the Louvre when it was used as a palace.  The church was originally founded in the 7th century. It has been rebuilt many times over several centuries and it now has a combination of Roman, Gothic and Renaissance styles. The most striking exterior feature is the porch, with a rose window and a balustrade above which encircles the whole church. During the Wars of Religion, its bell called “Marie” sounded on the night of 23 August 1572, marking the beginning of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Thousands of Huguenots, who were visiting the city for a royal wedding, were killed by the mob of Paris. A splendid stained glass still remains, in spite of plundering that occurred during the French Revolution.


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