Posted by: danielfee | February 19, 2013

Travel Photo of the Day 02-19-2013

Cleddau River - Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Cleddau River – Milford Sound, New Zealand

The Cleddau River is a river on the South Island of New Zealand which flows into the head of Milford Sound. The river is named for its Welsh namesake in Pembrokeshire, west Wales. Milford Sound runs approximately 9-1/2 miles inland from the Tasman Sea. One of the prominent  features in the river is the chasm. A twenty minute hike from the car park leads to a waterfall carved by the Cleddau River. Over thousands of years, swirling water has cut through the solid rock and sculpted shapes and basins in the rock. The sheer velocity of water gives an appreciation of how much rainfall the Milford Sound area receives per annum. The chasm is a spot where the watercourse disappears between a narrow chasm (as the name suggests). However, the hike is really more of a nature walk through an old growth rainforest than it is a waterfall attraction because there’s no safe way of seeing the waterfall satisfactorily. Your view is looking down at strangely shaped rocks and potholes which resulted from the river’s forceful flow as it gets channeled into the dark and narrow abyss.


  1. Oh how beautiful! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous shot!

  2. Just beautiful!!

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