Posted by: danielfee | January 27, 2013

Weekly Travel Theme: Walls #2 01-27-2013

Murals - Sheffield, Tasmania

Murals – Sheffield, Tasmania


NZ Tasmania 1006

NZ Tasmania 1009

NZ Tasmania 1016

NZ Tasmania 1017

NZ Tasmania 1024

This  weeks travel theme was such a good one, that I had to post a second entry. My first post was on wall that were built around cities for protection. But this post is a completely different take on walls. The Town of Sheffield in Tasmania came up with a clever idea in the 1980’s to reverse an economic decline and boost tourism. They came up with the idea of decorating the walls of various town buildings with large colorful murals, mainly depicting the history of the local pioneers. The first mural was so well received that they now have 50+/- spread all over town and Sheffield has become known as the “Town of Murals”. These are photos of just a few of them.



  1. So clever!

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  3. so cool – I live in what is known as Muraltown NZ…so I love these

    • I have been to NZ a couple of times. Which city is known as “muraltown”?

      • It is a small rural town, Katikati in the Bay of Plenty.

      • Rotorua is as close as I have been to your town. We set a goal 10 years ago, that when we retire we want to spend half the year in NZ and the other half in the US. We really like the Wanganui area. But we still have at least another 11 years before I hit retirement age, and the bad economy over the past few years has put a kink in our plans too.

      • That sucks. before you settle in Wanganui…you need to check out around here…way better.

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