Posted by: danielfee | January 22, 2013

Travel Photo of the Day 01-22-2013

Shanghai Museum - Shanghai, China

Shanghai Museum – Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Museum has its own unique and inspiring architecture, but the real attraction is the magnificent collection of Chinese Art and antiquities. If your time devoted to museums is limited, this is the one you must see. On the first floor is the Gallery of Ancient Chinese Bronzes and the Ancient Chinese Sculpture Gallery. On the second floor are the Ancient Chinese Ceramics Gallery and the Zande Lou Ceramics Gallery. The third floor houses the Chinese Painting Gallery, Chinese Calligraphy Gallery and the Chinese Seal Gallery. On the fourth floor are the Ancient Chinese Jade Gallery, the Ming and Qing Furniture Gallery, the Minority Nationalities Art Gallery and the Chinese Coin Gallery which also includes paper money, which was invented by the Chinese. It is best to devote a full day to the museum, but at a minimum 4-5 hours is a must. Also, they do permit photos of the exhibits, so some of those will have to be future travel photos of the day.


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