Posted by: danielfee | January 20, 2013

Travel Photo of the Day 01-20-2013

Zyt (Time) Tower - Luzern, Switzerland

Zyt (Time) Tower – Lucerne, Switzerland


The Clock Tower (Zyt Tower) is one of Nine Towers of Lucerne. It dates back to 1386 and has the oldest clock in the city, dating back to 1535. Since the late Middle Ages, the Zyt Tower Clock has had the right to chime first: it chimes one minute before all other public clocks in Lucerne. Also since late medieval times, a person tasked with this responsibility has wound the tower clock on a daily basis. The city watchmaker Jörg Spöring is who carried out this duty for 50 years until 2011.  The Tower was also once used as a watch and observation tower. Located behind the Zyt Tower is the Rathaus (old Town Hall) which is an Italian Renaissance style building that is covered with an overhanging roof, which is the typical style from the canton of Bern.



  1. I loved it there — very charming.

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