Posted by: danielfee | January 12, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination 01-12-2013

The Pantheon - Rome, Italy

The Pantheon – Rome, Italy

The Cathedral - Stockholm, Sweden

The Cathedral – Stockholm,  Sweden

Chandelier -Shanghai, China

Chandelier -Shanghai, China

Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

LED Canopy - Fremont St - Las Vegas, Nevada

LED Canopy – Fremont St – Las Vegas, Nevada

Hologram at Han Tomb - Xi'an, China

Hologram at Han Tomb – Xi’an, China

The means of illumination has changed throughout the centuries. The Pantheon in Rome, which was rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian in about 126 AD, has been illuminated for more than 2,000 years by nothing other than the large hole in the center of the dome.

Although the first candles may have originated around 200 BC in China, they did not appear in Europe or the Middle East until sometime after 400 AD. For centuries they were used for illumination and decoration, like the candle globe in the Cathedral in Stockholm.

In the 19th century with the invention of the incandescent light bulb, candles were replaced as a primary means of illumination. I chose this photo of a chandelier from a restaurant in Shanghai because of how it reflected off the background of the blue ceiling. As the sun goes down in Paris, the illumination of the Eiffel Tower is dramatic from many vantage points around the city.

The LED (light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor light source that was first developed in the early 1960’s. In Las Vegas, the LED display “canopy” runs along the Fremont Street Experience promenade. Originally nearly 2.1 million incandescent lights were housed in the canopy. But with the completion of the $17 million upgrade in 2004, they were replaced by more than 12 million LED lamps which illuminate the overhead canopy.

A hologram involves the use of a laser, interference, diffraction, light intensity recording and suitable illumination of the recording. When the hologram plate is illuminated by a laser beam identical to the reference beam which was used to record the hologram, an exact reconstruction of the original object wavefront is obtained. The last photo is from the introductory show at the Han Tomb in Xi’an, China which use holograms to demonstrate life during the reign of Emperor Jingdi and Empress Wang.







  1. I have a picture very similar to your top one. It’s of the US Capitol Dome.

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