Posted by: danielfee | December 10, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 12-10-2012

Bay of Santa Lucia - Acapulco, Mexico

Bay of Santa Lucia – Acapulco, Mexico

From the top of Palma Sola there is a fantastic view of the Bay of Santa Lucia and the city of Acapulco. The city is best known as one of Mexico’s oldest and most renowned beach resorts. It came into prominence in the 1950’s as a getaway for Hollywood stars and millionaires. However, as far back as the eighth century there was a small presence in the Acapulco area, which would first be dominated by the Olmec, the first major civilization in Mexico; then by a number of others during the pre-Hispanic period. There are two stories about how Acapulco bay was discovered by Europeans. The first is that two years after the Conquest, Cortés sent explorers west to find gold. The explorers had subdued this area after 1523, and the Captain Cerón was authorized by Cortés to found a settlement here. The other story is that the bay was discovered in December 1526 by a small ship named the El Tepache Santiago captained by Santiago Guevara. Cortés established Acapulco as a major port by the early 1530’s, with the first major road between Mexico City and the port constructed by 1531. So it makes you wonder what took Hollywood so long to discover Acapulco.


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