Posted by: danielfee | December 8, 2012

Weekly Travel Theme: Circles 12-08-2012

Sibelius Monument - Helsinki, Finland

Sibelius Monument – Helsinki, Finland

Vigeland Sculpture - Oslo, Norway

Vigeland Sculpture – Oslo, Norway

Stained Glass at the Cathedral - Santiago, Chile

Stained Glass at the Cathedral – Santiago, Chile

Palais-Royal - Paris, France

Palais-Royal – Paris, France

North Rose Window at Notre Dame - Paris, France

North Rose Window at Notre Dame – Paris, France

Wheel of Life - Dazu, China

Wheel of Life – Dazu, China

These are a few photos of circles I have encountered while circling the globe on our travels.

The first is a view looking up from underneith the Sibelius Monument in Helsinki, Finland. The monument to Finland’s greatest composer, Jean Sibelius, is made of six hundred stainless steel pipes. Standing under the pipes and looking up provides a unique view.

The second photo is of one of the 192 sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland which can be found in Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway. The park is often call Vigeland Park because it contains the life work of the sculpture who made a deal with the city to provide a sculpture garden for them in exchange for their providing him with a studio and state support.

The third photo is of the stained glass window in The Cathedral, located on the Plaza de Armas in Santiago, Chile. This is the fifth Cathedral that was built on this site. The first burnt down and the next three were destroyed by earthquakes. This one has stood since its construction began in 1747.

The fourth photo is of the main courtyard of the Palais-Royal in Paris with the black and white striped columns that were installed by Daniel Buren in 1986. At the time of the installation, the sculpture known as “Buren’s Columns” created quite a controversy in Paris.

The fifth photo is of the North Rose Window of the famous Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, France. The window is 69 feet in diameter with its nearly intact 13th-century glass which features Old Testament figures surrounding the Virgin.

The sixth photo is of the Wheel of Life which is suspended from the mouth of the Lord of Death. This is just one of the more than 10,000 figures that were carved at Baodingshana, a horseshoe-shaped cliff beneath a hill, where the Buddhist monk Zhao Zhifeng initiated the project.



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  2. wow! that first shot sure says it! well done!

  3. love the stained glass windows 🙂 … but the first photo is fantastic 🙂

    • When I saw the theme it was the first photo I thought of. I thought it would be perfect for this challenge.

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