Posted by: danielfee | December 4, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 12-04-2012

San Giorgio in Braida - Verona, Italy

San Giorgio in Braida – Verona, Italy


San Giorgio in Braida is a Roman Catholic church located along the Adige River that runs through the city of Verona in northern Italy. The church was built in the 16th century in the medieval quarter of Veronetta on the site of an eleventh century Benedictine monastery. The 12th century bell tower is what remains of the original monastery. The facade is white marble with two rows of pillars and statues of St. George and St. Lorenzo Giustiniani on the sides. However the front facade cannot be seen in this photo since it is a view from across the river.  The interior has a single nave built between 1536 and 1543 and contains classic works of art. Above the main door is a painting depicting the baptism of Christ by the Italian artist Tintoretto. The most important work of art of the church is the magnificent Martyrdom of Saint George by Paolo Veronese which hangs above the main altar. The dome of the church was built in 1540. The shape of the building is now characterized by the unmistakable Sanmicheli’s Renaissance dome and bell tower. Michele Sanmicheli was born in Verona and considered a genius of Renaissance architecture who designed many of the famous fortifications, palaces, and churches in Verona.



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