Posted by: danielfee | December 2, 2012

Weekly Travel Theme: Hot 12-02-2012

Ayres Rock (Uluru) - Australian Outback

Ayers Rock (Uluru) – Australian Outback

Death Valley, California

Death Valley, California

When I think of hot places we have visited, the Australian Outback and Death Valley, California come to mind. At Ayers Rock, also know as Uluru, located in the Tanami Desert the average temperatures in December-January (Australian summer) range in the high 90’s to low 100’s  F (37-39 C). I had intended to climb to the top of the rock, but as luck would have it, it had rained overnight for one of the few times per year and the climb was closed because it is to easy to slip and fall when it is wet. Over the years, numerous people have fallen to their deaths, so it is better to be safe and just hike around the rock. But for really hot, the Australian Outback has nothing on Death Valley, California in the Mojave Desert. During the summer months the average daytime temperatures range from 109-116 F (43-47 C). The hottest air temperature ever recorded in Death Valley was 134 °F (57 °C) on July 10, 1913 at Furnace Creek, which is still the hottest temperature ever recorded in the world. We happened to visit both of these locations in December, nine years apart, and it was pretty hot at Uluru but not unbearable. It was a very pleasant 70-72 F in Death Valley during our visit. No question about it; December is the right time of year to visit the hottest place on earth.




  1. Cool I have never been to either place. I went to Australia but not the Outback. Would love to see both places but don’t like the heat!

    • It sounds like you better get use to the heat with the temperatures in the 60’s in Minnesota in December. 🙂 Try Death Valley in December or January and you won’t need to worry about the heat. June-July are best for cooler temps in the Outback.

      • 🙂 Way too hot here! We need some snow!

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