Posted by: danielfee | November 15, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 11-15-2012

My First Home – Aschaffenburg, Germany

This little house in Aschaffenburg, Germany is where I lived until I was a year old and we returned to the United States. Aschaffenburg was the location of several United States Army installations throughout the Cold War. The US Army occupied facilities formerly used and controlled by the Wehrmacht. My dad was invited (well actually he was drafted) by Uncle Sam and spent a couple of years in Germany. My mother joined him, which is why I was born in Aschaffenburg. This little house is where my parents and I lived. They rented the upstairs from the Fischer family who owned and ran the Guesthouse (the building behind the house in the photo). Their daughter lived in the downstairs portion of the house. Thirty-five years after we left Germany, my parents, wife and I made a trip to Central Europe and at the end of the trip we rented a car and drove to Aschaffenburg to look for the place where they once lived. We found the house and my parents posed in front for a picture. Afterwards we went to the Guesthouse for lunch and dad told the story of living in the house and asked the woman working there if she knew what happened to the family that used to own the Guesthouse. Her English was poor so she asked another woman to come out of the back restaurant and dad repeated the story. The second women explained that her father had passed away a few years ago and that she had taken over the family business and she was the one who had lived downstairs from my parents. She had a daughter that was born a month or so after me, now living with her family in the little house behind the Guesthouse. It was amazing after thirty-five years to find the Fischer family still at the same place, but it made for one of the highlights of our trip. The couple in the photo are my parents.



  1. Lovely story!

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