Posted by: danielfee | November 10, 2012

Weekly Travel Theme: Soft 11-10-2012

Soft Bed – Cradle Mountain Lodge, Tasmania

Alpaca – Stanley, Tasmania

The first photo is of one of the softest beds I have ever slept in. It may have felt extra soft because that afternoon I had hiked about 11 miles in Cradle Mountain National Park. My hike started off easy as I hiked halfway around Dove Lake on a relatively flat trail. But I wanted to make my way up to the Face Track along the face of Cradle Mountain. At the south end of the lake there was a short (well it looked short on the map) unnamed trail that led up to the Face Track. The map labeled this trail as rough and steep, but it didn’t look too bad, so off I went. It started off as I expected; steep but not too bad. I kept climbing and climbing thinking I was getting close to the top when I came upon a small lake, Lake Wilks. I pulled out my handy map and that is when I realized I was only half way up. After a short break I resumed my climb and that is when I discovered what they meant by steep and rough. I hit a stretch of the trail which was all rock with metal posts and chains to be used as a hand rail while climbing this section. When I reached the top, the view of Dove Lake was fantastic. (See Travel Photo of the Day 08-05-2012 and 06-19-2011). From there I hiked across the Face Track to the Overland Track then past Crater Lake as I made my way back towards the lodge. After a nice hot shower, that bed was so soft and comfortable, I almost hated to get up for dinner.

The second photo is of a soft haired alpaca and some cute girl that keeps following me all over the world. As we were strolling the quaint streets of the little town of Stanley, along the northern Tasmanian coast, we encountered a gentleman and his alpaca at a sidewalk cafe. Alpacas are considerably smaller than llamas. Unlike llamas which have much courser hair and were bred to be beasts of burden, the alpaca was bred specifically for their fiber. Alpaca fiber is used for making knitted and woven items, similar to wool. My wife couldn’t resist petting this one, who was wearing a fanny pack to hold his ‘tips’.




  1. I am dying of laughter at the first shot! How perfect for the theme! Looks like one comfy bed too!!!:)

    • It sure beats sleeping in a tent after a long hike! When I was posting this photo I thought of you because I know that hiking the Overland Track is on your bucket list. When you go you will have to stay at Cradle Mountain Lodge and check out the soft beds at the end your hike.

      • Ahhhh….someday! 🙂 Thanks! I will keep this in mind. Yes a nice comfy bed is so much better than some of the places I’ve stayed while hiking!!!!

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