Posted by: danielfee | October 24, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 10-24-2012

Model of Banpo Neolithic Village – Xi’an, China

Excavation of Banpo Neolithic Village

Excavation of grave at Banpo

Skeleton at Banpo

Skeletons and pottery excavated at Banpo

Located just east of the city of Xi’an in the Yellow River Valley is the site of the Banpo Neolithic Village and museum. The archaeological site was discovered and excavated in 1953 and shows a typical village from the Banpo period (4800-3600 B.C.) of the neolithic and matriarchal Yangshao culture that lasted from around 5000-2800 B.C. The remains from the village including circular hut foundations, pottery, tools, and skeletons are on display in both the archaeological site and the museum. It is a large area of 5-6 hectares and surrounded by a ditch, probably a defensive moat, five or six meters wide. The museum was built in 1957 to preserve the archaeological collection discovered at the site.






  1. Just in time for Halloween!

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