Posted by: danielfee | October 20, 2012

Weekly Travel Theme: Couples 10-20-2012

Alaska Cruise

Alice Springs, Australia

Copenhagen, Denmark

Shanghai, China

Xi’an, China

Paris, France

Eternal Love – Chaoyang, China

This is a collection of a few of my favorite couple photos from our various trips. The first photo is of my parents at muster on our Alaskan Cruise. They have been a couple for 55 years. The second photo is a couple that was in our tour group as they attempted to ride a camel in Alice Springs, Australia. Other than riding camels there is not a whole lot to do in Alice Springs, but it is one of the closest towns to Uluru. The third photo is of a couple doing a street performance in Copenhagen. The fourth is a young couple on the Bund in Shanghai posing for wedding photos, although I believe they were for a magazine. The fifth photo is of a very nice young Chinese couple, Eric and Rose, on the top of the city wall in Xi’an, China. They were also visiting the city and arrived at the wall the same time I did and asked if they could walk with me to practice their English. The sixth photo is what you would expect young couples to be doing on the streets of Paris. The last photo is a fossil of a couple of Psittacosaurus dinosaurs that were caught in the act when the volcano erupted, hence the name “Eternal Love”.









  1. Beautiful couples. How wonderful to be together 55 yrs. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of Couples 🙂

  2. I feel bad for the dinosaurs! Although I guess they’d be dead by now anyway….

    • Yea, but what away to go!

      • I don’t know, I’ve never had sex with a dinosaur!

  3. Beautiful photos! 🙂

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