Posted by: danielfee | October 13, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big 10-13-2012

Coast Redwood Tree – Mt. Bruce. New Zealand

Coast Redwood Tree

The coast redwood is the biggest tree in the world. Trees over 200 feet are common, and many are over 300 feet in height. This massive tree occurred naturally along much of coastal California, excluding southern California where rainfall is not sufficient, and the southwestern corner of coastal Oregon. However,  the coast redwood is locally naturalized in New Zealand, notably at Whakarewarewa Forest near Rotorua.  Redwoods have been grown in New Zealand plantations for over 100 years, and those planted in New Zealand have higher growth rates than those in California, mainly due to even rainfall distribution through the year. These photos are of the coast redwood at the Pukaha Mount Bruce forest on the North Island in New Zealand. It is difficult to judge just how big these trees are, until you try to get your arms around one.



  1. That is a tall tree and worth of this challenge!

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