Posted by: danielfee | October 7, 2012

Weekly Travel Theme: Animals 10-07-2012

Horses – Galapagos Islands

Giant Panda – Chengdu, China

Red Panda – Chengdu, China

Albino Kangaroos – Sydney, Australia

Wallaby – Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Big Horn Sheep – Glacier National Park, Montana

Polar Bear – Portland, Oregon

Lions – Portland, Oregon

Towel Dog – Cape Horn Cruise

What a great theme! Animals are one of our favorite things to photograph when we travel. We have many animal shots from visits to animal sanctuaries, the zoo, in the wild and even on a cruise. The hardest part was picking just a few of my favorites to post for this weeks travel theme. The action shot of the horses was captured by my wife as she arrived at the farm where we searching for the giant tortoises. Since we both carry cameras on all of trips, which is why we have so many animal photos, it’s hard to tell who gets credit for the others.
















  1. I like the Towel Dog — doesn’t need to be walked, no vet bills.

  2. Great selections! Love the Panda!

    • Thanks, the pandas are great subject to photo.

  3. Great variety of animals – and locations! The towel dog is a cute touch, too! 😉

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