Posted by: danielfee | October 6, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy 10-05-2012

Worf – “Yay, you’re back!”

Cheyanne – “I love cool sunny fall days”

Roo & Domino – so happy together

Hey, that tickles!

Ice cold beer

Whenever we return home after a long trip we are greeted by some happy puppies. The top photo is of Worf, our black Chow Chow, when we returned from a 3-week trip in Central Europe many years ago. Unfortunately, Worf is no longer with us but he lived a long full life to the age of 14.  Cheyanne, our Siberian husky, is happy when she can lounge in the sun when the weather gets cooler. Roo, the Belgian Malinois and Domino the Pitbull mix, our two handicapped dogs, are happy when they are hanging out inside, outside or wherever. All you have to do is look at them to get a big smile. Of course it goes without saying all of our dogs make us very happy. What also makes my wife and I happy when we travel is an ice cold beer after a long day of hiking or sightseeing (well, actually anytime is good).

Just for fun I included the picture of the laughing camel in Alice Springs, Australia. He sure looks happy to me.







  1. Love the picture of you with the big cold beers! Now that is one happy shot of you enjoying life! 🙂

    • Thanks, that one was taken in Lake Louise at the end of our two weeks in the Canadian Rockies. If the weekly photo challenge topic is ever “beer” I am all set. We always take photos of our first beer on every trip.

      • Ha Ha…sounds like me and my wine! 🙂

  2. Wonderful dogs!

    • Yes they are, thanks.

      • How are the two handicapped?

      • Roo has 3 legs, and Domino has 3 1/2 legs. Both were brought into the Broward County Humane Society by someone who found them on the street. Roo’s back leg was broken somehow and it had gotten infected before he was brought in. They had to amputate the leg and then we fostered him during his recovery. On the second day we knew we were not taking him back, so we adopted him. Domino was hit by a car and got caught up in the wheel well. It almost tore her front leg off, and her pelvis was also damaged. She has no feeling in the front leg, but before they could amputate she need to heal a little bit. When we started fostering her she would drag the front leg. But as she started getting better we noticed that even though she had no functioning nerves in that leg she would use her shoulder to throw that paw forward so she could use it to hold a bone. Eventually she started throwing it in front of her when she runs. When sh is going full speed in the backyard you would never know there was something wrong with her leg, She still hops when walking or moving slowly. But the vet is amazed she can use it at all. Our husky has all 4 legs and we call her our designer dog. We had to stop fostering because 3 is enough! If it was up to my wife we would have a farm and 50 dogs.

      • I have two dogs and three cats, and that’s enough for now. But I’d love to have 50 dogs. I was helping at an adoption fair yesterday and wanted to take all the dogs home! Bless you for your good work. It’s amazing how they manage with three legs, blind, deaf, etc.

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