Posted by: danielfee | October 3, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 10-03-2012

Old Bridge Gate – Heidelberg, Germany

Old Bridge – Heidelberg

The Old Bridge over the River Neckar is actually relatively young; although it was preceded by many older bridges made of wood, the first of which was recorded at this site in 1284. But like all of the wooden bridges that followed, it eventually fell prey to high water and ice. After the  last wooden bridge was destroyed in 1784, a stone bridge was constructed in 1786-88.  The bridge leads to the town’s main north entrance, which is protected by the Bridge Gate. This medieval gate survived all the floods and ice, and after the construction of the stone bridge, served as a guardhouse and jail (the Guilt Tower). In 1788 the original conical tops of the gate towers were replaced with Baroque spires. Countless painters have immortalized it in their works calling it the Old Bridge, whose real name is the Carl Theodor Bridge after the man who had it built. The bridge’s nine red sandstone arches span the Neckar River and blend harmoniously into their surroundings, framed by the river and mountains.



  1. great place to visit

  2. I love Heidelburg!

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