Posted by: danielfee | September 20, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 09-20-2012

Yusupov Palace on Moika River — St. Petersburg, Russia

Yusupov Palace

The long yellow colonnaded building looking over the Moika River is the Yusupov Palace. The palace was built in the 1760s by Vallin de la Mothe. From 1830 to 1917 the palace belonged to the House of Yusupov who were an immensely wealthy family of Russian nobles and close friends and allies to the imperial court. Second only to the Winter Palace, the Yusupov Palace has the most spectacular interiors in the city. The most popular is the exotic Moorish room complete with a fountain and mosaics. However the palace is most famous as the location where Grigori Rasputin was murdered by a group of aristocrats led by Prince Felix Yusupov. The exact events surrounding Rasputin’s death are much in dispute. Supposedly they poison him and then, concerned that he appeared unaffected, Yusupov shot him in the back. Taking him for dead, the prince prepared to leave but returned a short while later to find Rasputin still alive. So he shot Rasputin at close range three more times. But Rasputin was still attempting to stand back up and flee. Desperate, the prince and his accomplices clubbed Rasputin in the head repeatedly with an iron bar, wrapped him in a blanket, walked outside and tossed him into the Moika River. However the autopsy supposedly found that neither the poison nor the multiple gunshot wounds, nor the clubbing caused his death—instead he died of hypothermia. But why ruin a great legend?



  1. When I was there, it was Leningrad. I love seeing how so many of the gorgeous buildings from Czarist days, both there and in Moscow, have gotten facelifts and are being cared for.

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