Posted by: danielfee | September 1, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit 08-31-2012

Free Spirit

Free Spirit

Even though I recently used these photos as my travel photo of the day, I think they capture this weeks challenge theme of “free spirit”. On each of our trips we take photos of the place we are staying. As we photographed our way towards the bedroom of our villa in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, this strange white cloud showed up on our photos. It wasn’t visible to the naked eye and had it shown up on just one photo then I might have dismissed it as a problem with the camera. But in the next shot of the bedroom it was much clearer. Our friendly ghost did not show up in the photos of any other rooms in the villa.  We’ve seen orbs in other photos, but this moving energy or “free spirit”, was exciting to photograph!



  1. Wow, how strange!

  2. It’s Casper the Friendly Ghost! What a crazy set of pictures! Wow…

  3. There’s a ghost at the Colonial Inn in Concord, MA. I love to stay there, but always ask for a room away from the ghost! They think it’s a soldier who was treated there during the Revolution. They have some brave (crazy?) guests who specifically ask for that room.

  4. A VERY cool spirit……I don’t know how free it is though considering it’s stuck in that room! 🙂

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