Posted by: danielfee | August 26, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 08-26-2012

Vondelpark – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Joost Van den Vondel Statue

Vondelpark is Amsterdam’s oldest municipal park, opening in 1865, and at 118 acres is also the largest. Located in the museum district, this is a popular place for sunbathers, joggers, Frisbee-throwers and people who are looking for a quite and relaxing place to read. The designers created an English-style park with lengthy pathways, large open lawns, gardens, ornamental lakes and a woodland area with more than 120 varieties of trees. Located at a nice shady spot in the park is the statue of Joost Van den Vondel (1587-1679). Vondel  is Holland’s best-known playwright. Many of his plays had religious themes including his epic Joannes de Boetgezant (1662) on the life of John the Baptist, which has been called the greatest Dutch epic. Some of his other notable plays included The Passover or the Redemption of Israel from Egypt (1610), Jerusalem Destroyed (1620), Joseph (1635), Peter and Paul (1641), Solomon (1648), Lucifer (1654),  David in Exile (1660), David Restored (1660), Samson or Holy Revenge (1660), Adam in Exile from Eden (1664), Noah and the Fall of the First World (1667), just to name a few. Even though Rembrandt was a contemporary of Vondel’s, just two years after opening the park the city decided to erect a statue of Vondel and name the park after him instead of the famous Dutch painter.




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