Posted by: danielfee | August 17, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 08-17-2012

Ghost – Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica



Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you have any photos of ghosts? One of the first things we do on every trip is to take photos of our hotel room or lodge, before we mess it up. When we checked in the Condovac la Costa in Playa Hermosa in northwest Costa Rica we began taking pictures of our villa. As we photographed our way towards the bedroom this strange white cloud showed up on our photos. It wasn’t visible to the naked eye and had it shown up on just one photo then I might have dismissed it as a a problem with the camera. But in the next shot of the bedroom it was much clearer. Our friendly ghost did not show up in the photos of any other rooms in the villa.  We’ve seen orbs in other photos, but this moving energy was exciting to photograph!




  1. Very cool! So Casper retired to Costa Rica…

    • Yes, Casper heard they had universal health care in Costa Rica. 🙂

      • Now he can come back.

      • Not yet, he would still buy insurance from a private company through the exchanges. I thought it was funny during the health care debates when Rush Limbaugh said if Obamacare passed he was going to move to Costa Rica. What a shock, Rush is both a liar and an idiot.

      • But at least he wouldn’t get turned down for having the pre-existing condition of being a ghost.
        I love all the Obamacare haters who threaten to move to Canada.

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