Posted by: danielfee | August 15, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 08-15-2012

Trajan’s Forum – Rome, Italy


Trajan’s Forum was constructed on the order of the Emperor Trajan in 106 AD with the spoils of war from the conquest of Dacia. The Trajan’s Column was erected and inaugurated in 113. The main entrance to the forum is on the southern side, a triumphal arch surmounted by a statue of Trajan in a six-horse chariot. The Basilica Ulpia lies at the north end of the piazza. In the mid-9th century, the marble cobble blocks of the piazza were systematically taken for re-use because of the good quality of the lime. In modern times, only a section of the markets and the column of Trajan remain. A number of columns which historically formed the Basilica Ulpia remained on site and have been re-erected.


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