Posted by: danielfee | August 12, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong 08-10-2012

Did I do something wrong?

A Fashion Wrong

Lava Heron eats Darwin Finch

The circular mail drop

The first photo is of our dog Domino during her destructive phase. We came home from dinner one night to find that her cushion had exploded all over the living room. She knew it was wrong but it was just too much fun to resist destroying that foam-filled thing. Thankfully we are past the this stage and the her destructive impulse is limited to tennis balls and destuffing her stuffed animals.

The second photo is wrong in so many ways. Sure it was New Years Eve in Las Vegas, but Joan Rivers and the fashion police would have a field day with this one.

The third photo is of a Lava Heron eating a Darwin Finch in the Galapagos Islands. Initially we thought it was just good timing on our part that we saw nature in action. But later that day when I was speaking with the former director of the Darwin Research Center I told him what we had seen. He said “No that had to be wrong. Lava Herons don’t eat finches; it is not part of their diet.” But we had the photos and video to prove it.

The fourth photo is of a mail drop I came across while doing the coast to coast walk in Auckland, NZ. It just struck me as wrong to put a sign saying “No Circulars” under a circular mail drop.






  1. The Circular Mail circulars allowed??? Soooo confusing! LOL!

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