Posted by: danielfee | August 4, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth 08-03-2012

Roo Roo as a puppy

Roo Roo outgrowing his puppy sandbox

A big dog sized sandbox makes me happy

Roo Roo all grown up


Growth is a difficult theme to capture in just one photo. So this weeks photo challenge show off one of our fur kids. The first photo is of Roo Roo as a puppy. As you can tell, he was all ears. We had received a call from our local Humane Society about a little Shepard puppy that someone found on the street with a broken back leg and several other health issues. So the day after his surgery to amputate the leg, we brought him home to nurse him back to health. After just a day or two we knew that there was no way we would take Roo Roo back to put him up for adoption. As with most puppies, he grew fast and before long he was too big for his puppy sandbox. So we built him a big dog sandbox, which made him a very happy boy. Today Roo is fully grown and is a certified therapy dog who makes visits to the hospitals, special children’s events and senior citizen homes. My wife, who says she is just Roo’s chauffeur, so Roo can visit new and old friends, is constantly amazed by all the people they have never met that will come up and say “this must be Roo Roo!” His reputation precedes him and we are very proud of how far he has come. From a 12# puppy who the shelter didn’t think would make it to a 74# strong working dog, Roo’s resilience and strength demonstrate his ‘growth’.




  1. Beautiful animal..Nice post

  2. Beautiful story. What a cute puppy!

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