Posted by: danielfee | July 28, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple 07-27-2012

Purple Starfish – Cannon Beach, Oregon

Purple Starfish 

Lavender – Portland, Oregon




Purple Octopus – Galapagos Island

Purple Octopus

Purple proved to be much more challenging than blue or red. After scrolling through thousands of travel photos I found very few with purple in them. It is not a color that appears in nature very often. However, I did find a few cool purple photos. The first two are of the purple starfish that were attached to Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon. In the morning, when the tide was out, they were left exposed and just waiting to be photographed.  The third photo is of a beautiful lavender bush in Portland’s Rose Garden. The last two photos are of a purple octopus in the Galapagos Islands. On one of my snorkeling outings I came across what I thought at first was a nice purple coral. However, as I got closer I thought maybe it’s an octopus. When I got too close it swam away quickly, thus confirming it was an octopus.







  1. Love the purple starfish!

  2. I’ve never seen or heard of a purple starfish before. Fascinating!

  3. wow, love the purple starfish!

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