Posted by: danielfee | July 16, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 07-16-2012

The Admiralty – St. Petersburg, Russia

The Admiralty

Along the waterfront of the Neva River is the gleaming spire of the Admiralty building which serves as a good landmark as you make your way around the city of St. Petersburg. The Admiralty’s origins date to 1707 when Peter the Great ordered the construction of a fortified shipyard where a mighty Russian fleet was to be built. The original fortress was replaced with the current neo-classical building in the 1820s. Shortly after it was completed, the shipbuilding activity was moved elsewhere and the Admiralty became the Navy’s administrative headquarters. The central arch is crowned by a statue of Victory with flags. In the center bass relief, entitled Virgin of the Russian Fleet, Peter the Great accepts Neptune’s trident as a symbol of supremacy on the high seas. The corners of the rectangular tower are topped with sculptures of the great military leaders of antiquity: Achilles, Ajax, Pyrrhus and Alexander the Great.


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