Posted by: danielfee | July 2, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 07-02-2012

Niche of the Nether World – Baodingshan, China

The Buddhist carvings in Dazu County at Baodingshan are some of the most important monuments to Buddhist art in China. At this location are 10,000 figures carved into the cliffs under a massive project initiated in the Southern Song dynasty by Zhao Zhifeng, a monk of the Tantric or esoteric school of Buddhism. The Baodingshan carvings were completed in one continuous project from 1174 to 1252. The Niche of the Nether World is 41.5′ high, 65.5′  wide and 8′ deep and houses 133 statues. Sitting in the middle of the upper part is ksitigarbha, with ten buddhas seated above his head, and flanked by ten Bodhisattvas and two gods in a row. At two tiers of the lower part are 18 stories of hells including the knife-mountain and knee-chopping hell.



  1. I like the details and texture!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. Wow, these are really cool! Where did you go during your tour of China? I saw that you went to Xian and Beijing….where was this? We just did Beijing, Shanghai and a side trip to the Great Wall. I would have loved to see some of the dramatic countryside! Like the areas down south and Yunnan and Tibet.

    • This was in Dazu, in western/central part of China. We started in Beijing and went to the Great Wall, photos for both are on my facebook page. You will like the Great Wall shots without the smog. From there we went to Choayang in the NE to the fossil site, then to Xi’an, Dazu, Chendu, Chongqing, the Yantzee River cruise and then finished in Shanghai. I am still working on photos for the other cities, but will get up on facebook soon. Did you see the Children of China post I did for the Fleeting Moment-Street Photography challenge. After your second post on China, I was inspired to do a second entry.

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