Posted by: danielfee | June 30, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment 06-29-2012

Medicine Lake – Jasper National Park, Canada

Lake Wakatipu – Queenstown, New Zealand


Is there anything that captures a fleeting moment better than a rainbow? It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the subject for this weeks photo challenge. Here are two of my favorite photos from opposite ends of the earth. The first is of Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park in Canada. We were heading back to our lodge and even though we had stopped at this location on our way out to take some great photos, the addition of the rainbow demanded another stop and photos of this fleeting moment. The second is of Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, New Zealand. We were on our way to Milford Sound, when because of the weather, we could not take the short flight over from Queenstown. So we took the long drive around but were rewarded with this rainbow and numerous waterfalls on the route.


  1. Gorgeous! I love rainbows and they fit so well with your challenge. The photo of Medicine Lake is breathtaking! I was travelling through NZ last September and also drove from Queenstown to Milford Sound, so that holds a little place in my heart (oh & I got photos of the strongest rainbow I’d seen, in Hamilton).

    • Thanks, NZ is my favorite place to visit. We had good weather in Hamilton, so no rainbows while we were there.
      FYI, my dogs name is Roo. He lost one of his back legs as a puppy and when we got him from the shelter he would hope around like a kangaroo. So the name stuck. If you want to see a picture of him scroll back to my weekly photo challenge friendship pictures.

      • I fell in love with NZ from a picture of a beach (taken by David Noton) that I saw in a photography magazine & knew I had to stand on that beach one day. I used to be scared of flying so it took me 5 or so years to pluck up the courage to go & when I got to NZ I felt like I’d found home. When I finally stepped foot on the beach I’d fallen in love with it was a very emotional experience and I know I’ll go back again.
        Oh wow, will take a look at Roo.

      • I know what you mean. We have been back a couple of times. Our plan is to spend 6 months in NZ and 6 months in the US each year after we retire (still have a few more years before that happens). But it good to have goals!

      • Indeed, I hope you reach your goal! Mine is the same, to spend 6 months over there, but not sure I can wait til I retire, it’s too far away!

  2. Absolutely spectacular!

    • Thanks, your China photos inspired me, so I may have to do a second post with some of my shots.

      • Thanks! I wished they weren’t so smoggy though. Oh well. Any new trips planned or thoughts for a future destination? I bet it is hot where you live!

      • Not yet, we are looking to do a trip over Christmas-New Year. We might just do the southern Caribbean.
        Not too hot, just our normal summer temps in the low 90’s. It is very rare for us to go over 100. I find it humorous that people in the north and midwest say they could never live in Florida because it is too hot. I grew up in Ohio and most of my relatives are still there. Who knew they would have to come to Florida to escape the summer heat.

      • That is funny! It is supposed to be 100 here in Minneapolis today. Thankfully we’re further noth for the week so it is only 90. You must get some good ocean air to cool you down, right. Nice breezes!

  3. The medicine lake pic is amazing!

  4. […] really want to visit Norway.  And Oregon, Jasper National Park, and New Zealand. …while Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA has its own advantages, I miss […]

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