Posted by: danielfee | May 27, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 05-27-2012

Oslofjord and Harbor – Oslo, Norway


City Hall (Radhuset)

 Situated at the head of the 60 mile long Oslofjord is the City of Oslo and it’s beautiful  harbor and City Hall. This view from the plaza behind City Hall (Radhuset) is probably one of the nicest views you will find from any City Hall in the world. Each December the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in the central hall of the Radhuset, although the general Nobel Prize ceremony actually occurs in Stockholm’s City Hall. In 1931, Oslo tore down a slum and began constructing its richly decorated City Hall which showcases murals of town folk, country folk and people from all classes and walks of life working harmoniously for a better society. Construction was delayed by WW II and finally finished in 1950. Access to the harbor front and other areas of downtown were turned into a relatively quite and pedestrian friendly area when the city levied a traffic-discouraging 20 kroner toll for every car entering town. The Oslofjord is a playground with 40 city-owned park-like islands.



  1. Looks beautiful!
    I am traveling to Oslo this summer. Can’t wait!

    • Enjoy, if you have time you should also visit Frogner Park (aka Vigeland Park). It is not to far out of downtown and easy to get to on the T-bane. If you scroll back through my photos you will find a few other shots from Oslo including some of the park.

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