Posted by: danielfee | May 24, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 05-24-2012

Terra-cotta Warriors – Xi’an, China


Army of Terra-cotta Warriors

 In 1974, a peasant digging a well stumbled upon one of China’s greatest archaeological findings. Realizing that he had discovered something of historical significance, he contacted the authorities. So far, the archeologists have excavated four pits that contain the 2,000 year old army of terra-cotta warriors. The terra-cotta army is a grandiose expression of imperial power by Emperor Qinshi Huangdi, who united China for the first time under the Qin dynasty. He embarked on a series of huge construction projects including the great wall. The army of terra-cotta warriors is interned within the outer wall of the emperor’s mausoleum. In pit number one is the main army of 6,000 soldiers. Each terra-cotta warrior represents an individual man. The tallest warrior stands over 6 feet tall and each was equipped with a bronze weapon that is still sharp today. Originally each of the warriors was colorfully painted although the paint has faded from most of the warriors. A few still show traces of the original colors.



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