Posted by: danielfee | May 14, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue 05-14-12

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Alaska Glacier

 This week’s photo challenge: Blue, was an easy one. The first thing that came to mind was the deep blue waters of  Crater Lake in Oregon. The lake is only fed by the annual snow melt which makes it the clearest lake water in North America and gives it the bluest water you will find anywhere. But then I remembered the blue ice of the glacier our helicopter landed on that we walked on in Alaska.

So maybe this won’t be as easy as I thought. How could I leave out the Alaska Glacier? Then there is the blue-footed booby of the Galapagos Islands. I can’t leave out these blue feet.

Blue-footed Booby


 So I decided that I would have to go with my top three blue photos. Then my dog came in the room, sat down beside me and said how can you leave my blue eyes off the list? OK, here are the top four.



  1. Aw I want that dog! He looks like a stuffed animal!

    • Sorry, you can’t have her. But I will mail you some of her hair 🙂

      • Its not the same though! Well i will just have to obsess over this photo.

  2. Your photos are just stunning. And your dog’s eyes are lovely.

    • Thanks, that is why I couldn’t leave her out.

  3. these are all great…but animals do it for me everytime

    • You should check out some of my other animal photos too.

  4. All great pictures!!!

    • Thanks, it was fun taking them.

  5. How much do I love that blue-footed booby? Lovely, Dan! xxx Ailsa

  6. Beautiful photograph of the Alaska glacial ice!

    • Thanks, it was fun landing on the glacier and walking around to get the up close shots.

  7. Blue eyes – blue feet! Fantastic!

    • I was going to go with just the lake and glacier shots. But how could I leave out the feet and my dog. Of course they have received the most comments so I glad I included them. Thanks

  8. My favourite is the first photo – the water looks icy and yet the setting looks so serene.

    • If you have the chance, you should visit Crater Lake National Park. As you make your way around the ring road the blue color of the lake changes. The hard part was picking which photo to use.

  9. I love these pictures Dan! I really want to go to Crater Lake someday. Where exactly is it in Oregon and is it hard to get to? It looks beautiful!!!

    • Nicole,
      It is about an hour south of Bend which is a nice little city on the east side of the Cascades. You will have to fly into Portland and I think it is about 4 hours southeast from there. We started our trip in Portland and did a big loop, going east through the Columbia River Gorge to Mt Hood. Then south to Bend and then on to Crater Lake NP. After that we went west over to the coast to Coos Bay and then drove up the coast to Cannon Beach (making several stops along the way). Finally we returned back to Portland. We got to experience the diversity of Oregon and there were many great places to hike (and drink beer.)

      • Sounds wonderful! Not sure when we could bring the kids on a trip like that but would love to go!!!! Especially for the beer!

      • Nicole,
        We made our visit around the labor day weekend and had great weather, except for the little rain we had on the coast. I knew there was something about you that I liked. Travel, hiking and BEER! Of course you know Portland has more micro-brew pubs per capita than anywhere else in the country. But you have to leave the kids home for the pub tour 🙂

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