Posted by: danielfee | April 21, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge:Sun 04-20-2012

Sunrise at Crater Lake, Oregon

 After looking through many of my travel photos I found many sunsets and only a few sunrises. This is a shot of the sunrise over Crater Lake as I sat on the back porch at the lodge with a hot cup of coffee. There are many visitors to Crater Lake who never get to see the sun because of the high amounts of precipitation. We were lucky and spent two days exploring Crater Lake National Park and did not see a cloud. So in addition to the beautiful blue water the sun is one of the most memorable things from our visit.


  1. This is wonderful and perhaps the best I’ve seen!

    • Thanks, we are off to China tomorrow to collect more travel photos.

      • Oh wow! I forgot! Have a GREAT time! I hope you get more sunshine than I had. It was so smoggy but some other bloggers I’ve followed have had more luck than I did back in November! Wow, can’t wait to see your photos!!!!! Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Thanks, we will. Where do you find the other Weekly Photo Challenge entries? This is the first one I have done. I saw a few, including yours, from blogs I follow. But is there a location to find all the posts?

  3. Have a great trip!!!!

  4. Wow. The Sun’s radiant light is just amazing. Beautiful…Thanks for today’s inspiration.

  5. nice shot

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