Posted by: danielfee | April 20, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 04-20-2012

Royal Palace - Paris, France

 The Royal Palace (Palais-Royal) was originally built by Cardinal Richelieu in 1636. Louis XIV lived here as a child for some time before fleeing to escape the Fronde, which were a series of rebellions by nobles and their supporters against absolutism and tax policy. He handed over the property to his brother, Philippe d’Orleans. Philippe’s son, of the same name, is the one who added the 180 arcades and shops on the property which line the adjacent streets. The new Palais-Royal opened in 1784 and drew merchants, intellectuals and houses of ill repute. When Louis-Philippe became king in 1830 he closed down this hotbed of vice. The latest controversy at the Palais was the installation of Daniel Buren’s black and white striped columns in the main courtyard in 1986.


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