Posted by: danielfee | April 16, 2012

Travel Photo of the Day 04-16-2012

Medicine Lake - Canada


Medicine Lake is located within Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. It is located approximately 12 miles southeast of the town of Jasper. The lake is approximately 4.5 miles long and is a relatively shallow. Medicine Lake is a geologic anomaly in the sense that it is not actually a lake but rather an area in which the Maligne River backs up and suddenly disappears underground. During the summer months during intensified glacial meltwater run-off, the lake fills; much like a bathtub that is filled too fast for it to drain. When the meltwater decreases it can slowly drain and the lake is reduced to a river.


  1. This is a beautiful photo and it really captures the natural landscape of the surrounding area.

    • The Canadian Rockies are beautiful and worth a visit

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